Data Intelligence Lab

   Dept. of Artificial Intelligence at Ajou University 

Welcome to DILab at Ajou University

Data Intelligence Lab performs research on machine learning and statistical learning. 

PI: Sael Lee (SL) focuses on machine learning for healthcare, tensor analysis/data mining, and bioinformatics.

PI: Soon-Sun Kwon focuses on statistical learning for clinical trials, medical statistics and longitudinal data structure.

Specific Research Topics (SL): 

Lab News

[June 2022] New 3 year Grant on Interpretable Graph Neural Network. 

[April 2022] New 5 year Grant on Uncertainty-based Long-form QA.   

[April 2022] A paper accepted in SDM22 on a generalized deep tree model.

Open Positions

Looking for Postdocs and MS/PhD students (Graduate School Youtube)

For foreign students who are not already in Korea, please apply for graduate position through the following GKS programs
1. Ajou University GKS
2. Study in Korea by the Korean Government

Contact Us

If you are a prospective graduate student or a postdoc, we welcome you to contact (e-mail preferred). All who are interested in joining the lab should send me an email with your full Curriculum Vitae and a short Research Statement. Also, we are always looking for collaborations, so please contact! Ajou University undergraduate students are welcome to apply for internship positions as well.   

Contact 1: Prof. Sael Lee (이슬) for Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Tensor Analysis researches. 

Contact 2: Prof. Soon-Sun Kwon (권순선) for Clinical trials, Medical Statistics and Longitudinal Data Analysis researches.